Famous Double Bass Manufacturers And Experts

We take pleasure in providing courteous and competent service to our clients as a traditional double mass manufacturer. If you’re wanting to acquire an antique double bass, we’re the people to call. We specialize in certifying and evaluating superb double basses. Therefore, we can assist you in determining the instrument you’re contemplating suits you and your budget. However, we have a good range of quality vintage double basses in store, as well as a few high-end new instruments.

Authentication as a Double Bass Manufacturers

Due to the significant increase in the value of double basses and bows in recent years, the necessity for confirmation of an instrument’s authenticity has become critical. However, a certificate of authenticity from verified double bass manufacturers and cello manufacturers is essential. It ensures that an instrument is genuine and that your investment is safe.

Setting Up, Repairing, and Restoring

For our workshop staff of double bass manufacturers, no job is too big or too small. Therefore, the tiniest set-up change can have a significant impact on an instrument. Please contact us if you have any questions or would want to discuss any repairs or restoration tasks.


  • Individual players who enjoy the tone of gut strings are the ones that utilize them presently.
  • There are two different types of double bass bows. The “French” or “overhand” bow is comparable to the bows used on other symphonic string instruments in terms of form and execution.
  • The “German” or “Butler” bow is larger and shorter and you can easily grip it in a fist with the right hand.



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