Features To Consider When Buying A Violin Bow

Choosing the best violin bow for you depends entirely on your violin and what you are looking for in sound. Your bow and violin work together to create a beautiful sound, so they must match. Also, it is important that the bow is comfortable for you.

Here are some key characteristics of a violin bow that you should consider when deciding to buy.

1. How it sounds

The most important thing to try is to let the bow fall on your violin. There is no “best violin bow” for any individual or instrument. Some people are looking for a powerful bow that makes a sound because they want to do it for a large audience. Others will choose a bow that displays notes well and allows for a high level of sound of any sound and tone.

Even if you do not know what you want, you will still have a good idea if you like the bow when you try it. Therefore, it is necessary to try different bows, either in the store or in the mortgage. After all, it is your judgment that is important. Maybe you can go to another city and it will be a special experience. I believe it is useful, of course, if possible.

Some stores have services where they will send you a violin bow at a time for a week or so to test at home. If you do not find the ones you like, you can send them back and ask for another round. If you find the one you want, you will have to send the other one back.

2. Weight and distribution

The average weight of a violin bow is about 60 grams, but some are light and some are heavy. Whether the violin bow is heavy or not depends on its weight and how the weight is distributed across the bow. The heavier the bow the heavier it will be if the frog bears most of the weight, but on the other hand, the heavier the bow the heavier it will be if most of the weight is in it. together.

If your right hand is shaking, or if you want a more stable tone, a heavy sensation may help, suggested by cello manufacturers. A softer bow will help you play faster and clearer.

3. Hardness and softness

Naturally, you do not want a strong or fluffy bow, but a good balance. In general, a strong violin bow will give you better control and stability, but if it is stiff, it can be difficult to control. Soft and flexible bows can be easily played with spiccato and other hot bows.

Remember, these are just guidelines, since it does not in itself determine the game or the effect of the bow. It is a mixture of things. For example, a soft violin bow, which is well covered with hair, will become stronger and feel like a strong bow.

4. The feeling of holding it and ease in playing

As I mentioned above, the instructions above can give you an idea of ​​the things you might want to change. If you are trying some bows that feel all wet or hard to hold, you can ask for a stronger or heavier bow. However, if they are too heavy or too lazy, you can go the other way and ask for a softer or softer bow.

Finally, you will want to try and see what works for you and what is easy to use when visiting the best viola manufacturers. As a rule of thumb, I support the middle bow in terms of stiffness and weight. Many early bows fit this description.

Check the comfort of the bow itself, as you have enough space for your fingers? holding a bow do you feel good?

5. It fits into your budget

You will want to get the best violin bow from violin manufacturers you can afford that will greatly assist you in your sport. Sometimes we do not realize that our hard-earned learning process is easily accomplished simply by using a better violin bow or a better violin bow. That being said, each of us can get a little money for all these instruments, so do not make your house money for violin bows. Remember, you can always try to buy a used bow.

6. Different types of violin bows

Violin bows can be made of wood or their composition. Also, there are hybrid bows, which come from a mixture of carbon fiber and wood, usually with wood shea and carbon fiber inside.

In most cases, I recommend buying violin carbon fiber bowls (at least if you spend more than 500-600 euros) instead of traditional wooden bows, for the following purposes:

  • You will get the best violin bow for the price you pay. Since these bows can be produced very quickly, its cost and therefore the cost decreases.
  • Most violin carbon fiber bows are easy to play with, as well as different types of bows that can be played softly.

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